Goal:   To list affirmations that are appropriate for recovery from addiction to processed foods. 


Application: The handout can be used to give recovering food addicts ideas about thoughts that could help them get through difficult moments without relapsing.  It also gives recovering addicts thoughts that can help them move forward in gaining skills and taking the actions that will help build protection from cravings triggers.

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Science is on my side. I can do this. I know what to do.

I am healthy and I am a great parent.

I am proud of myself.

I am having fun.  

I can do this. I am doing this. I am having a very long, happy life full of good times. 

I am healthy.

I am a good person. I deserve to feel good.


I am moving calmly through temporary discomfort.

I know how to manage withdrawal symptoms.

I can wait quietly until this negative feeling passes. 


I am healing my brain and body with healthy thoughts and actions.

I am balancing my neural pathways to stop cravings and start rational thoughts.

I am successfully stopping the severe, long-lasting pain of excessive eating.

I have serenity because I do not take even one bite of processed foods.

 am physically and emotionally healthy. 


I am sitting quietly and waiting out this craving until it stops. 

I am not eating it, looking at it, or smelling it. Therefore, I will stop craving it.

I avoid processed foods because they cause stress.

I know how to handle stress.  I can go for a walk, read, listen to music, or do an art project.  I have options. 

I am protected in my car by recordings of meetings and calming music.

I am smart about priorities. A clear, non-craving brain is my priority. I can put off anything else.

I always leave the house prepared with the food I need until I get back.

I am smart.  I stay home when I feel vulnerable to cravings.

I am driving home without stopping.  I am watching the road and not anything else. I can drive directly home. I am strong.  I can wait out this craving.


I am a great parent because I have the energy to be active and engaged. 

 I am helping my family be happier because I am happier. 

I am a great spouse.


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